Student Information

Student Responsibilites:

Since the school exists to serve those students who desire a quality Christian education, it is expected that with God’s help they will respect the rights of others, be courteous and helpful to fellow students, respectful to staff members, and reverent in spiritual matters. Honesty, purity, kindness, and self-control in work and action will be expected from each student.


Since character is so often revealed by appearance, the school requires that students’ dress be in harmony with the Christian principles of modesty, simplicity, cleanliness, and appropriateness. In today’s world, it is important that young children, as well as older ones, be taught to dress modestly. Please do not wear short shorts, short dresses and skirts, or tight-fitting clothing. No offensive pictures or messages on T-shirts or sweatshirts. Holes in clothing should be neatly mended. Pants should be hemmed at the bottom. Jewelry, noticeable makeup, extreme styles, or shabby clothing are not permitted. Each student is required to have gym shoes for physical education. Loose fitting knee length shorts are approved for 1st and 4th quarters only.