Regular, on-time attendance is expected of each student. According to state law the only valid excuses for absence are sickness, a death in the family, or an emergency. A written excuse from the parent to the teacher is required in such cases. Absences for other reasons must be arranged for in advance. The parents of students who are absent (excused and unexcused) more than nine days (twenty percent) in a nine-week grading period may be required to petition the school board in order to receive credit for the period. Because we have school only four days a week, attendance everyday is vital for academic success. Please make medical or dental appointments after school hours or on Fridays. Students are not to leave the campus during the school day by any means or with any person, other than the parent, unless the teacher has written permission signed by a parent or guardian. Students need to be checked out of school by parents, in person, with the teacher, if an early pick up is required. A list of people that your child has permission to leave with must be kept up-to-date in the office. In order to prevent the spread of contagious illness please make arrangements to keep your child home until their illness is not contagious.