Discipline Policy

Philosophy of Discipline

The most effective discipline is self-discipline. Adults discipline themselves. One of the primary aims of MACS is to develop in each student a level of self-discipline in preparation for a successful, self-directed life.

MACS believes that, appropriate discipline is important for them to learn:

  • To think for themselves
  • To have to make decisions and live with consequences
  • To experience logical cause/effect connections
  • To develop strong self concepts
  • To own and solve their own problems in appropriate circumstances
  • That problems are opportunities for growth

Life's most important lessons are learned when we experience the natural consequences of our decisions. The best lessons are learned when the consequence is experienced with an equl balance of understanding and empathy on the art of the adult.

The following discipline flow chart describes the discipline policy of MACS. Behaviors that interrupt the learning process of the student or his fellow classmates will have natural progressive consequences. Each step will be followed with the hope that the student will take the opportunity to choose more appropriate behavior.