Course of Study

The kindergarten offers a wide variety of hands-activities. Its purpose is to develop a joy for learning that wil last a life time. 

Grades 1st through 8th offer standard elementary and middle school curriculum, including Bible and computer skills utilizing state of the art technology. 

Music is an important part of education. At MACS grade 1 to 4 will have basic music which will include an introduction to reading music note, rhythm and singing. Grades 5 to 10 will have music apprecation, music theory, choir, and tone chimes.

Performance is an integral part of learning. In order to provide the students with valuable opportunities for skill development, to share the accomplishments of the students with the community, and to contribute to the worship services of local churches, attendance at musical performances on and off campus are mandatory.

At MACS we emphasize the development of sports in areas that promote good heatlth. We want students to develop athleic interests that they will enjoy in their adult life. Team sports are played in P.E. classes. For those interested in competetive team sports there are options that can be pursued such as little league, community education teams, church leagues, swim team, etc. Public schools and Horizon often will allow our students to tryout for their teams. Contact them for information.

Grade 9 and 10 courses are listed below. Students who begin 9th grade in a odd-number year (ex. 18 to 19) should plan on continuing at MACS for 10th grade, to avoid difficulties when transferring to other school.


ODD YEARS (18 - 19) EVEN YEARS (17 - 18)
Bible ll Bible l
English ll

English l

Algebra (9), Geometry (10) Algebra (9), Geometry (10)
Biology Physical Science
Office XP World History
Intro to Constuction Life Skills
Keyboard l (9) / Computer (10) Keyboard l (9) / Computer (10)
Physical Education Physical Education
Health Health
Electives (as available) Electives (as available)