Safe School!

Safety is a priority at MACS. Don’t bring hazardous items (matches, lighters, fireworks, knives, guns. etc.) to school. Those who violate these rules may be subject to discipline in the form of suspension, dismissal (expulsion), arrest and/or legal action. If you are aware of anyone risking the safety of others in any way, a staff member should be notified immediately. The Oregon Conference of SDA weapons policy states:

“The protection of our children and young people must be of the highest priority. While recent reports indicate that schools, by and large, are safe and orderly places of learning, we also recognize that we live in a violent society and as such our schools are not immune to the possibility of violence. For this reason, the following policy shall apply to all schools within the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Students are prohibited from bringing any firearm or weapon to school or to a school-sponsored activity. A student who possesses a weapon or who carries, exhibits, displays or draws any weapon or any object which can be mistaken as a weapon, or any item apparently capable of producing bodily harm in a manner which, under the circumstances, manifests an intent to intimidate another or warrants alarm for the safety of others shall be subject to immediate discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion. Parents and the appropriate law enforcement agencies shall be notified. Appropriate counseling is required before the student returns to school.”

Asbestos Statement:

Federal law requires a public announcement to be given to school patrons regarding any asbestos material in our school. Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School has been checked by a certified asbestos inspector. The report is in the school file and this document is available for those wishing to see it. The asbestos in the school is in a non-friable condition and presents no hazard to anyone at the present time. It has and will be checked twice per year to ascertain any changes in the material.